Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Once Again.... A Call to the President of the Philippines on typhoons such as Sendong

Once again, a part of our archipelago suffered probably one of the largest by a typhoon such as Sendong. Once again, Pinoys proved to be taking care of each other in times like this. A test through time has proven such and I'm glad that although many have died in the recent tragedy that typhoon Sendong brought to Cagayan de Oro, still, we proved strong and willing to help one another. At least to this very moment it is enough to overcome sadness in my heart as a Pinoy and as one of those who could have been hit.

We were about to come over to CDO that day but luckily, something came up and boy how glad was I na kahit hindi naman talaga para sa akin ang trip to CDO the day that Sendong spread its wrath, I was saved and once again, how thankful am I that God did not permit so. Me, my family and Pinoys mourn for those who have been hit by the typhoon but there must be a lesson learned in every tragedy. From a friend on Facebook, said, that look at Brazil when they were hit by not one but maybe 10 times stronger than Sendong, not one got injured or hurt. They were prepared and not partying. They were vigilant and not complacent.

Sure, the president of the Philippines had nothing to do with it but there is a big different between he had nothing to do and he did nothing about. Yes, he couldn't stop it from coming but at least he could have issued the right directions for the different government agencies to spread the news of warning. This way, at least, lives would have been saved. Nobody could have slept that night that Sendong came in to CDO..... Once again,,, nobody or to the least, very few could have died. Once again,,,, a bigger tragedy could have been prevented and lives, spared and saved.


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